Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The uniqueness of my mood is magnified because I understand that nothing within this day can be replaced or done again.  The beauty of my experiences are elevated to the levels of "truth" instantaneously.  Feeling something or someone is now a moment of genuinely clarity for me.  I no longer devalue anything living, because I see it all as the gift of life.  The future does not change me, because the future is today.  Just as the past does not change me because the past is no longer here.  So the beauty of 1/18/12 to me is that it will never, ever happen again.  So whatever is done on this day must be beautiful because life is beautiful, and only life gets to see and feel tomorrow..."today".. ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012


Tonight is the beginning of what begins tomorrow.  So in this moment, I prepare my life for another opportunity to *Love.  Because without *Love, there is no tomorrow.  So tonight, I gift all that is beautiful today as the moon greets me.  My mood transitions beautifully from upbeat to mellow, with this constant edge of passion I just can't seem to shake, and nor do I want to.  Because this slight intimate emotional persona, is the very thing that keeps me living, and *Loving...for you.  ;)

Sunday, January 15, 2012

If I Desire You..

*Love will forever move me closer to you.  Your life will be cared for with the respect and sincerity that encompasses my life.  I won't pursue you through the movements of lust.  But through the clarity of *Love, you will be affectionately appreciated.  Intimately, I will remain close to the beauty that flows inside of you.  The beauty that is the light of you.  The beauty that brings everything that is life to you.  So if I desire you, it's because I am eternally and internally willing to *share everything that is beautiful in this life with you.  "Forever"..

Love does not *hurt..

Love involves the genuine actions of *care, *compassion, and *freedom.  Without these key elements, *Love cannot exist.  We have to truly see this as a fact by paying close attention to the emotional experiences of hurt.  Emotional hurt confines you, so it cannot be related to *freedom.  It also involves selfishness, so it can't be connected to compassion.  Then there is *care, and to hurt at all emotionally negates any chance for genuine *care for self.  So what you have in actuality, is *Love as a gift.  Because if you can truly *Love, you will never have to experience emotionally hurt again.  You will also find yourself helping others remove their hurt, because you will understand how beautiful of a gift Real *Love is.  :)