Thursday, March 1, 2012

Real Love vs Fake Love

#FakeLove = Conditional..which means waiting a few weeks, months maybe even years before saying I *Love you.. .only once the "courage" and false sense of security has been built up to do so..  << this is the way we are  most commonly "taught" to *Love bcus this is what we see most others do growing up..

#RealLove = Unconditional..which means intelligently and maturely saying and "showing" the "actions" of I *Love the beginning...and "meaning" it..with a genuine sense of integrity..  << this is the way of truly *Loving...bcus to truly *Love is to be truly peaceful..and to be truly peaceful is to be open to the beautiful freedom of life..

I *Love you..

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  1. ** This is exactly what my mission and goal is to show people ** but instead of "real love " God put it in my heart to show " Agape Love " ( same meaning and )--- never really had it in my life and when i saw it in my family it was taken - I am truly moved by your words and may God continue to bless your heart- this is not an easy quality to acquire - and I am thankful for having to read your opinions. I know my God put it in my path for my eyes to see his revelations. Thanks once again.