Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Single Does Not Mean Lonely

Being "Single" must not be confused with "loneliness"...being single doesn't mean you are "lonely"...single just means you are opting "OUT" of being "IN" something that isn't truly *Peaceful, *Respectful and *Fair to you and the other person involved (The essence of Real *Love)...however...being "lonely" has the potential to lead to a person opting "IN" to something they truly need to stay "OUT" of....there is a very big contrast between the two............I say that to say this about me......I'm "Single".....not "Lonely".. ;)

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  1. Another excellent post! I could not have said it better. People tend to look at single life as a lonely life. Life is Life....If you feel lonely single, you're going to feel lonely regardless of your relationship status. We know what kind of relationship we desire and deserve......and should never disregard that just to be with someone. I sincerely hope a truly Loving relationship unfolds for you Chazz....and for anyone else who desire to share a truly Loving relationship. In the meantime (Nowtime), Life is always enough. Again.....Excellent, excellent post! :)