Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The uniqueness of my mood is magnified because I understand that nothing within this day can be replaced or done again.  The beauty of my experiences are elevated to the levels of "truth" instantaneously.  Feeling something or someone is now a moment of genuinely clarity for me.  I no longer devalue anything living, because I see it all as the gift of life.  The future does not change me, because the future is today.  Just as the past does not change me because the past is no longer here.  So the beauty of 1/18/12 to me is that it will never, ever happen again.  So whatever is done on this day must be beautiful because life is beautiful, and only life gets to see and feel tomorrow..."today".. ;)


  1. The beauty of your Soul shines through your words and what you share, and I thank you for that. This is powerful :)

  2. So beautiful- I wish I had gotten a chance to read this on January 18th that was my I'll just say thank you for the beautiful words on my special day...