Sunday, January 15, 2012

Love does not *hurt..

Love involves the genuine actions of *care, *compassion, and *freedom.  Without these key elements, *Love cannot exist.  We have to truly see this as a fact by paying close attention to the emotional experiences of hurt.  Emotional hurt confines you, so it cannot be related to *freedom.  It also involves selfishness, so it can't be connected to compassion.  Then there is *care, and to hurt at all emotionally negates any chance for genuine *care for self.  So what you have in actuality, is *Love as a gift.  Because if you can truly *Love, you will never have to experience emotionally hurt again.  You will also find yourself helping others remove their hurt, because you will understand how beautiful of a gift Real *Love is.  :)


  1. Nicely stated! Appreciating this and you, genuinely :)

  2. You need to write books. I know you
    will make the best seller's list and have
    Awesome Book Signings.

  3. Id like to share my gratitude...Your words that express the evidence of true love have been healing to not only my heart but my soul. It has reopened the portal of love that has long resided within me.

    With that I say thank you and note, the love of your life will be a blessed one.